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ImageThe tuning of commercial vehicles and trucks is not just about the additional power, torque, driveability and BHP that can be delivered, which can be very considerable, but these days the need to reduce running cost is a pressure for all fleet operators and owner operators alike . With West Mids Remaps truck tuning can be tailored to the need and use of the vehicle, with our engine ECU remap and fuel economy tuning very significant improvements in fuel saving can be achieved.

Truck engine tuning and ecu remapping can be tuned to deliver extra pulling power and torque. Vehicles will feel smoother and more powerful, mid-range acceleration and torque can be increased, reducing gear shifts and significantly improving MPG return and driving pleasure.

HGV vehicles can be tuned in house at our workshop in Kingswinford, West Midlands, but we also offer a complete nationwide mobile ecu remapping service, on site at a convenient place or depot.

ImageWe take a reading of the original setting file held within the ECU and this file is retained indefinitely in case it is ever needed to return the vehicle to standard. We will then re-programme your ecu in order to give you a better vehicle drive than you had before.

With custom built motorhomes, quite a bit of size and weight is added, with a West Mids Remaps Remap, the extra power and torque will defiantly make those motorway hills far easier to negotiate, you will see less need to change down gears with the extra torque. You will also see sharper throttle response, smoother power delivery etc, at West Mids Remaps we understand your need is not all about outright power and torque increases!

We tune motorhomes at our workshop base in Kingswinford, West Midlands, or in the local area, Kingswinford, Stourbridge, Dudley etc.

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