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ImageEvery modern car today is controlled directly through the Engine Control Unit (ECU). Other than the steering every input from the driver passes through an ECU which will then, based upon the settings programmed within, will decide what happens next. Whilst you may think the manufacturers have the driver at the forefront of their minds they do not. They have to consider many other parameters in order to cover as many bases as possible. For instance they have no idea as to who is going to be driving it and how they drive, they do not know where the vehicle will be driven and so will make best guesses. Our file supplier is able to look deep within the setting files held within each ECU and adapt them too suit your driving style and operating environment. For example there is no need to take into account the need to operate within a hot humid climate here in the UK.

ImageWe take a reading of the original setting file held within the ECU and this file is retained indefinitely in case it is ever needed to return the vehicle to standard. We will then re-programme your ecu in order to give you a better vehicle drive than you had before

We tune car’s at our workshop base in Kingswinford, West Midlands, or in the local area, Kingswinford, Stourbridge, Dudley etc.

Diesel Engines:
10-20% bhp & torque increase
Improved MPG

Petrol Engines:
10-15% bhp & torque increase

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